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Alice Liddell
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A broken girl who slowly put back together the shattered pieces of her looking glass, finally discovering a reality as wonderful as her dreams.


Independent RP blog for a slightly AU Alice Liddell from American Mcgee's Alice/Alice:Madness Returns. Post A:MR.

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Alice: Madness Returns


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Charitable Hearts: Beginnings || AU || Victor and Alice


Victor can’t help puffing up just a tiny bit at that. The Dean thinks he has talent — talent sufficient to personally invite him to his college and home. That’s something to be proud of, certainly.

"I wouldn’t want to impose too much — but thank you," Victor says, running his fingers through his hair. Though if they do have to go hunting through the library, he’d probably enjoy the experience — his own room is an experiment in carefully controlled chaos. Or, well, at least the area around his desk is. He tries to keep the rest of it neat, but books and sketches tend to get piled up around the little alcove in front of his window.

William and Nell look at each other. Oh dear — to go to Oxford and be seen dropping their son off personally, or to have the Dean show up here and be seen picking their son up personally? Both options are very attractive. “Er…”

"Oh, I’m sure we could get there on our own," Victor says, fidgeting. Arthur’s generosity is starting to make him feel a bit like a burden. "I wouldn’t want to put you to any trouble—"

"But if you wouldn’t mind," Nell cuts in, having a sudden thought of what the Everglots across the square might make of seeing the Dean. Oooh, what if Lady Everglot was jealous? All of Nell’s dreams would come true.

Arthur’s not trying to make you feel uncomfortable, Victor- he’s a generous person in general, so it’s sort of just in his nature. But he’d be willing to tone it down a bit if it made Victor feel better…

"I assure you, I don’t mind in the slightest. In which case, perhaps picking him up on the 16th to allow him a bit of rest before school may be a better idea. Of course, I am open to anything; simply give me what you’d like to work with, and I’ll do my best to accommodate." 

Alice has simply gone back to looking around- seeing as she doesn’t have much to contribute to conversation, there’s no point in adding anything in. 

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Charitable Hearts: Beginnings || AU || Victor and Alice


"Well of course! You’ve accorded him quite the honor," Nell points out, grinning in her sycophantic way. "We’ll never be able to thank you enough for it."

Victor freezes as Alice’s hand grabs his. For some reason, the feel of her skin against his was like an electric shock. But not a bad one. More — warming. It’s over quickly though, making him wonder if perhaps it was just an odd jolt of static electricity. Weird. He straightens up and backs away, throwing Alice an awkward smile.

William takes the list, scanning it with a practiced eye. “Hmmm, I see…well, thank you very much for this,” he says as Victor and Nell take their turn peering at it. “I don’t think we’ll have any problem getting any of it. Or a new suit besides,” he adds quickly, heading off his wife’s probable objection.

"We’re happy to have such talent," Dean Liddell says, grinning. "That’s thanks enough, really." 

Alice would be lying if she said she hadn’t felt a similar sensation, but she’s quick to dismiss it. It’s probably nothing, and therefore she’ll treat it as such. However, she returns his smile, before he’s off to look at the list. 

"Not a problem. And whatever he doesn’t end up having, I’m sure we’ll have extras of lying about." Arthur’s library/office tends to have a lot of spare supplies. 

He’s never been the most organized person, so no one can guarantee that he’s going to know exactly where in his personal space they are, but that’s alright. 

"Would you like to drop him off in Oxford, or for me to travel down and escort him? Suppose that ought to be established before…." 

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Charitable Hearts: Beginnings || AU || Victor and Alice


"I’ve both in abundance," Victor assures the dean. "Just a moment and I’ll fetch some for you." He hurries away to his room.

Nell fans herself, trying to exude an air of calm and collectedness once again. “Do excuse me there — we just want our Victor to have the best after all,” she simpers. “I’m afraid I am prone to excitement in these matters.”

"Don’t worry, dear, I’m sure they understand," William says, patting her hand.

Victor returns with quill, ink, and paper in hand. “Here you are, Dean Liddell,” he says, passing them over. The ink tips precariously as he slides it across the table, but he catches it in time. “Oh! Whew…”

"Perfectly understandable," Lorina says with a smile. "I probably would have reacted in the same fashion if I were in your position." It’s a little bit of a stretch; Lorina usually keeps her reactions to a quieter level, unless you upset her temper. 

"I’m just glad to see you’re excited for him," Arthur adds. He thanks Victor as he returns. 

Alice sees the ink tip as well, managing to go to catch it just a moment after him, so she really just catches his hand. After she’s sure he has it, she removes her hand, sitting back down with an amused smile. 

Immediately, the dean gets to scribbling a list. Books he’ll need, recommended number of quills and ink, etc etc etc. When it’s all done, he hands it over to the Van Dorts. 

"There you are." 

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Charitable Hearts: Beginnings || AU || Victor and Alice


She has indeed, and Victor will probably never stop thanking her for it. He’s a sweetheart that way.

"The 17th?! William, we’ll have to go to London right away!" Nell cries, looking between her husband and son frantically. "There’s so much to do and so little time to do it in! And you can’t rush a good tailor!"

"Don’t get flustered, Nell — we can get Victor the essentials by that time, I’m sure," William says soothingly. Then he glances at Arthur. "Er — those being…"

Victor allows himself a little shake of the head at his parents. Trust them to start worrying about things in the wrong order. “Perhaps we could make a list?” he suggests. “With books at the top and — er — other things at the bottom?” Smooth, Victor, but you’re still probably going to Oxford with at least one new suit.

She’s all good and fine with that, actually. 

Oh, alright- that’s a tad bit of a bigger reaction than Alice expects. Or Lizzie, judging by the way she just about chokes on her tea. Arthur gives a chuckle, more amused by the events then his daughters seem to be. Lorina even seems more amused then them. 

"If you’ve a quill and paper, I can easily write up a list of what he’ll need," he offers. "That way, there’s no guessing of what books and supplies are necessary." 

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Charitable Hearts: Beginnings || AU || Victor and Alice


Victor flashes Alice another grin — he’s forever in her debt for this, and he’ll be sure to let her know as soon as possible. A few minutes in each others’ company, and she’s recommending him as a part-time student under the Dean himself? You’re the most amazing woman in the world, Alice, and no mistake.

"I’d like to go as soon as possible," he says, allowing himself a bounce or two on his heels. "You can never get started too early, can you?"

"Well, it would be a bit awkward for you to appear in the middle of a lesson," William says, a touch more reserved than his son. "He should probably start with the new semester, whenever that is. That way we can get all settled ourselves for the big moment."

"Oh yes — you’re going to need all sorts of things!" Nell says, eyes glittering as she thinks of all the necessary shopping. "Books and pens and clothes…"

"Clothes?" Victor echoes, blinking.

"It’s Oxford, Victor! You’re going to need some truly smart suits! Oh, and can’t forget some new luggage for it all!” Oh dear — hang onto your wallet, William.

Well, what can she say- as odd as she can be sometimes, Alice is more than up for helping people as often as she can. This seemed like a small and easy way to help, and judging by the joy behind his smile- 

Alice feels she’s done Victor a great justice, and she’s happy for him. 

"Well, yes, I suppose starting in the new semester would be best," Arthur agrees after a moment’s pause. "However, it starts next month, on the 17th- if that is a doable time for you, of course." 

Lizzie and Alice exchange a look as Nell tells of all the shopping that must be done. They both have to refrain from rolling their eyes; rich women sometimes… 

Although, Alice supposes starting at a school would lead one to get some new clothing, however…it certainly doesn’t deserve that much excitement. 

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{So considering I just logged into my account to see three anon messages that are ranting about the way I play Alice, I figure I need to say something. 

My Alice is very different than the others here on tumblr; and, as Cheshire put it, “Different denotes neither bad nor good, but it certainly means ‘not the same’.” And that leads me to say the following: 

If you do not like the way I play my Alice, I’m not offended if you unfollow me or chose to not interact with me. 

You are more than welcome to unfollow me in favor of another lovely roleplayer- I understand completely, and will hold nothing against you. There are many, many fabulous Alice roleplayers on this site. Some of them are so in character, that it blows my mind. However, I play my Alice they way I do for a reason. Many people seem to think this Alice relatable and still in character, but I understand there are a number of people who do not agree. 

This Alice (as I have two Alice accounts- the other Alice is very different from this one) has come far in trying to move on from her past, and it’s unlocked more of the person she was as a child, balancing and mixing in with the troubled young adult we first find her as. Now, that doesn’t make my interpretation right or wrong, but you have to understand that it makes sense to me, and I’m sorry if you don’t agree with it. 

But, again, if you do no agree with it, simply unfollow me. 

No hard feelings, I promise. 

Just please do not send me anonymous messages over it; it’s things like that which make me wonder if this account is worth keeping. Which, truly, is a silly thought, as I am rather fond of this account, but. 

I’m sorry for such a long post, but I wanted to put this out there. Thank you for taking the time to read it!}

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